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Multi-threaded Pressure Reducing Valves PRECISIO

PRECISIO (composite or brass cover) is issued with 2 reversible multi-threaded connectors with free nuts Precisio ’s unique conception makes it resistant to scale or impurities. Requires no maintenance and has no risk of blockage. It can be installed in any position.
Particularly adapted to water installations in apartments or pavilions, PRECISIO brings comfort by lowering the noise of water circulation and respecting acoustic norms. Conform to NF, EN1567
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Technical Features

  • Diaphragm and piston mechanism
  • Maximum upstream pressure : 16 bar
  • Maximum temperature : 80°
  • Adjustable downstream pressure : from 1,5 to 5,5 bar
  • Factory pre-adjusting: 3 bar
  • Two 1/4” lateral pressure gauges
  • Stainless steel seat and a special anti-corrosion brass body (DZR brass)
DN Type
Code WIF. Box
F/F 3/4” (20x27) Précisio M2 F/F 3/4” 2286300 10
Multi-threaded 3/4” - 1/2” + 2 fittings Précisio M2 multi-fileté 2286315 10
F/F 3/4” (20x27) Précisio laiton F/F 3/4” 2286200 10
Multi-threaded 3/4” - 1/2” + 2 fittings Précisio laiton multi-fileté 2286216 10

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