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Wired LCD programmable digital thermostat MILUX2

Digital electronic room chrono-thermostat with minute-by-minute weekly programming, for heating and cooling systems. Switch between summer and winter modes directly from keypad. 5 pre-set and 2 custom programmes available. Constant display of room temperature, time and operating status on LCD display. White frame with removable front panel for access to the batteries and connections.
Easy wiring: two-wire connection (three-position connector) for heating or air conditioning systems, contact rating < 5A/400V. Automatic or manual operating modes.
Complete with 2 LR3 (AAA) 1.5V batteries: life > 2 years. Batteries can be changed without losing programme settings. Temperature control range: 5÷35°C. Two temperature levels: comfort and night energy saving programmes. Anti-freeze (0.5-10°C). PWM control in 15min intervals on a band of 2°C. Power supply: 2 LR3 AAA 1.5V batteries. Protection rating IP 30, Class II.
Special functions:
- manual selector for standby and keypad lock mode;
- vacation mode to suspend operation temporarily when away from home;
- ITCS (optional): Intelligent Temperature Control System, automatic advance response to
heating/cooling demand.
Compliant with: EMC 2004/108/CE, RoHS 2011/65/EU, EU 811/2013 and 2010/30/EU, Energy class IV (2%). 

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Technical Features

  • Temperature setting range: 0 - 35°C.
  • Load capacity of 3 contacts : 5A - 250 VAC (batteries) or 5A -400 VAC (230V)
P Number
Part no. WID Power supply
2 batteries 1,5V

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