Boiler manifold VB20

Compact manifold DN20 for 2 or 3 pump units FlowBox DN20, thermal separation of flow and return.
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Technical Features

  • Nominal size: DN20
  • Centre distance: 90 mm
  • Connection: 1" coupling nut to pump groups, 1 M" to the primary circuit
  • Manifold: Steel pipe with anticorrosive coating
  • Coupling nut: CW617N
  • Sealing cap: CW617N
  • Flat gasket: AFM 34/2"
  • Heat insulation shell: EPP
Typ   Part. no WID
VB20-2 2 heating circuits 10077395  
VB20-3 3 heating circuits 10077396
WH-VB20/VB32 brackets for VB20/VB32 10026388

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