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Pump unit FlowBox HK (ex. PAS) for radiator heating

Ready-to-mount, compact pump unit for radiator heating, air heaters or boiler charging.

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Technical Features

  • Pump cabling ex works.
  • Isolating valves with thermometer 0÷120°C both on flow and return branches.
  • Gravity flow stop.
  • Three part heat insulation box made of EPP.
  • Easy left / right conversion of flow and return branch.
  • All connections with flat seals throughout.
  • Wall mounting brackets included.
  • Pressure tested, packed in a box.
Type Part no. WID DN Description
HK25 10026264 25 Grundfos AlphA2l 25-60
HK25 10026265 25 Wilo Yonos PARA 25/6
HK25 10026450 25 Without pump
HK25-KH 10026635 25 Without pump, two ball valves on the flow branch
HK25 10026634 25 Wilo RS 25/6
HK25-KH 10026637 25 Wilo RS 25/6, two ball valves on the flow branch*
HK32 10026879 32 Wilo Yonos PARA30/6
HK32 10026880 32 Grundfos Alpha2l32-60
32 Without pump
* (noErP) = according to ErP Directive not for use in the EU countries

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