Modular big size brass industrial manifold INDU 2054M

Brass round pipe  manifold. Modular design with flat-sealing male therad 2" on one end and 2" union nut on the opposite.
SUPPLY: Shut-off ball valve.
RETURN: Control valve with presetting.
Connection either G3/4” male thread with Eurocone or KVSR 25x2,3 for PeX pipes. 80mm distance.

Type Connection
Part no. WID Outlets
INDU2054M3/4”EUKO MS02 3/4”EUKO 10009821 2
INDU2054M3/4”EUKO MS03 3/4”EUKO 10009822 3
INDU2054M3/4”EUKO MS04 3/4”EUKO 10009823 4
INDU2054M3/4”EUKO MS05 3/4”EUKO 10009825 5
INDU2054M3/4”EUKO MS06 3/4”EUKO 10009826 6
INDU2054M KVSR25 MS02 KVSR25x2,3 10009827 2
INDU2054M KVSR25 MS03 KVSR25x2,3 10009829 3
INDU2054M KVSR25 MS04 KVSR25x2,3 10009830 4
INDU2054M KVSR25 MS05 KVSR25x2,3 10009832 5
INDU2054M KVSR25 MS06 KVSR25x2,3 10009833 6