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Temperature control and thermal energy metering module for a single consumer with flow rate of 800-2000 l/h and metering of domestic water (hot, cold and dual), pre-mounted on a compact open frame. The module can receive the main inlets from the risers on any of the four sides. Observe the direction of flow required by the volumetric flow meter.
The temperature control and setting functions are incorporated into a WATTS PATENTED multi- function brass valve consisting of:
- 3-way zone valve complete with 24VAC or 230VAC electrothermal actuator and ETE Series normally open auxiliary microswitch connected to a bypass setting valve;
- removable basket steel mesh debris filter;
- balancing device;
Energy metering section (heating and cooling)
- Supercal 531 Series energy meter complete with Pt500 temperature sensors
- single-jet turbine flow meter (WMT Series), compliant with MID MI004.
Energy meter with the possibility of remote reading via M-Bus (EN1434) or Radio Frequency (bidirectional, 433 Mhz 10mW) powered by battery or 220VAC or 24VDC (all options according to system requirements).
Digital outputs (energy and volume) for direct connection to data centralisation systems. Other transmission systems available to order (4-20mA, 0-10VDC analogue outputs, relay modules, RS232).
Domestic Water (DHW and DCW) and Dual Water (DW) metering section
- single-jet turbine flow meter (WMT Series), compliant with MID MI001 with built-in check valve (DCW and DHW)
- additional flow meter for DW, compliant with MID MI001
Domestic hot or cold water circuit flow metering (Qn=4.0) by one or more single-jet turbine flow meters (WMT Series).
The module is easy to maintain because it is fitted with shut-off ball-valves upstream and downstream of the individual circuit sections assembled with the volumetric meters with appropriate extendable fittings.
The module is suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, with connections both right/left and left/right. Insulation and flushing pipes included for all models.
1” F heating section connections.
1” F domestic water section connections.
Compliant with: MID 2014/32/EU Italian legislative decree No. 22 2/02/07.
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